Featured Programs

Mindful exercise for pain relief, strength and relaxation

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Balance Training

Neurological, strength and coordination exercises to improve your balance. Foot care, core strength, spine strength, Tai Chi walking. Good for anyone that wants to improve their balance. Equipment: Bosu ball, Wobble Disc, Foam Roller, Dowel, Sliders, Resistance Loops, bands, lbs.

Daily Body Reset

Align to health. Energize and revitalize. Every day we put our body through all sorts of poor mechanical positions and strain. Reseting your body daily helps you to prevent potential injury and realign to health.

Qi Gong

Relax, recover and rejuvenate with gentle moving meditation. Connect to universal energy flow. Come home to yourself and feel your best. Videos include: Feel Qi, Standing meditation, Energy Massage, Cultivating Energy, Circulating Energy, Animal Frolics, Golden Qi Ball, Common Corrections Video. Equ

Strength Workouts

Functional movement and conditioning workouts for balanced strength and energy. Programs are designed to meet your lifestyle needs ranging from quick workouts to longer full body workouts. These are suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. Videos include;: Floor Upper Body and Lower Body, Core