Holistic Services

Mindful exercise for pain relief, strength and relaxation

In-Home Personal Training

Exercise in the convenience of your home.  The right exercise is foundational to your health and everyone has different needs.  Learn what you exercise is good for you. There IS a wrong way to exercise.  Everyone should have a trainer to teach the proper way to workout to avoid and prevent injuries, create balance and challenge you! I will supplement equipment you don’t have and recommend some for purchase. 

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Virtual Personal Training

Virtual training is great! With basic equipment we can work together over Zoom and get you a great personalized workout.  With expert guidance you can train in the convince of your home. Virtual session are great for maintaining consistency in your exercise program. 

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In-Home Bodywork Sessions 

As a licensed massage therapist, I use gently joint mobilizations, energy work, Cranial Sacral balancing, assisted stretching, Myofascial release and Trigger Point therapy to support the body. It is gentle yet effective. When the body relaxes it can heal and recover. I will bring a massage table to your home. Clients were comfortable clothing that allows for movement

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Home Gym Design Consults 

There are many perks of working out at home: you save time, money and can create a space that brings you joy. If you need help in creating the perfect home gym design, get in touch! 

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Customize Your Space

Did you know that you only need a basic set of equipment to get the perfect workout? For a small space or a larger space, I will recommend the best equipment, placement and organization so you can get the perfect home workout. 

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Our Specialized Programs

Foundations For Meditation and Mindful Exercise
This foundations course will increase your body awareness and improve all your life activities.   These are the basic foundations to help you connect to the natural strength and relaxation in your body.  Improve your breath, alignment and longevity.

Mindful Exercise
Create a stronger mind/body connection and make your exercise mindful.  Connecting your awareness into your body is the key for creating a healthy, personalized and balanced exercise program. 

Exercise For Sitting and Meditation    
The posture of meditation is meditation.  Having proper alignment a in meditation cultivates resilience, relaxation and strength.  Learn exercises that support better alignment and connect you to your natural strength and ease. 

Moving Meditation
Connecting Body Awareness with Movement and Breath. Learn Qi Gong moving meditation practices that support supple strength, calm the mind and connect you into the universal flow.

Better Walking, Better Balance
Reduce your risk for falls and improve your sense of self. Know your ground. Using neurological exercise, strength and awareness you can improve your balance and relationship to gravity.


Johann Koenig 41 yr.

"I love seeing Wendy for both training and massage! I’m a very active ex-athlete / triathlete. I’ve seen many trainers and physical therapists to get stronger or recover from injury and Wendy is by far the best for both! She’s helped me learn and improve my movement patterns through instruction, exercise and body work. She pushes me hard enough each training session where I feel worked out but also energized and more put together. I’m stronger, move better and feel better in my body because of her!"