Client Testimonials

Mindful exercise for pain relief, strength and relaxation


Reggie Ray 80yr.
Teacher of Somatic Meditation. Author of Touching Enlightenment, the Awakening Body and other books; and the Sounds True recorded program Your Breathing Body. 

“I want to let everyone know what an extraordinary somatic teacher/guide/trainer Wendy Woods has been for me.   As someone who has worked with many excellent trainers over my eight decades of life, there are several qualities that make Wendy truly unusual.   She has an uncanny ability to “read” exactly what is going on in my body, even down to the most subtle level—and even on a zoom session!  Her diagnostic skills—figuring out what is needed to help me take the next step—are equally quite prodigious, above anyone else I have worked with.  The range of methods, techniques, and perspectives she brings to the work are equally impressive and are gained by the continual study and training in a wide variety of somatic disciplines that are an ongoing part of her life.  Most of all, though, is Wendy’s wonderful, bright, positive energy in our training sessions.  When I am complaining about this or that body issue, Wendy is right there, meets me, gets me to laugh, and helps me move through it.   She is truly a miracle and I feel very, very blessed to have her as my trainer and coach.”


Barbs Edwards 60 yr.
Group facilitator/ executive coach. 

"My recommendation is to just say yes to Wendy. She is a phenomenal trainer and my body has benefited from the years that two friends and I have been working out with her. After two ACL surgeries, I knew that I was going to need help to keep my knees strong. Wendy brings an astute eye and deep understanding of the body with diverse modalities from qigong to 5 elements acupuncture.  My body and knees are stronger, I am more flexible and she always brings new exercises so I don’t get bored. I have arrived to workout with horrible headaches and she will do an assessment and work on a few muscles and I feel better. And she makes it fun."


Susan Mackey, 65yr.
End Of Life Educator

"Wendy is brilliant as a Personal Trainer and Body Worker. She is adept in multiple modalities and always immersed in learning more that she can integrate into her practice. Her understanding of the human body is what got me through a rotator cuff surgery and a knee replacement with minimal pain and down time. And because of Wendy I now have much better body awareness and WAY better posture that keeps me from experiencing pain in my daily activities and more efficiency in my exercise. Her body work is also amazing and healing. Wendy has been a life-saver for me!"


Lisa Goodrich 51 yr.
Dancer, Aerialist, Office Worker

"I suffered from back pain for years.  I'd tried physical therapy, massage and chiropractic.  After 2 sessions with Wendy the problem went away.  She does an amazing job of explaining what is going on in the body and how to use correct form to see and feel results.  Since then she has helped me with a variety of issues and has improved my quality of life immensely.  I've taken full advantage of her broad array of services.  From rehab to exercise to massage she is the best.  Everyone should have Wendy and her amazing education, abilities and compassion in their lives."


Shana Parker 72 yr.
Relationship Therapist

"She is committed to her clients in a personal way. I continue to stay strong even as an elder because of the work I do with her.  I feel so grateful to have her support."


Johann Koenig 41 yr.

"I love seeing Wendy for both training and massage! I’m a very active ex-athlete / triathlete. I’ve seen many trainers and physical therapists to get stronger or recover from injury and Wendy is by far the best for both! She’s helped me learn and improve my movement patterns through instruction, exercise and body work. She pushes me hard enough each training session where I feel worked out but also energized and more put together. I’m stronger, move better and feel better in my body because of her!"


Tova Jacober

"I appreciate Wendy's thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the body and her enthusiasm. Working out with my friends with Wendy's skillful guidance has been a joy."


David Fairman
Shiatsu and Neuromuscular Therapist

"I absolutely love the Qi Gong class! Beautiful movements which very directly reorient awareness back to the chi field and to the flowing movement of energy. This class is a breath of fresh air in a culture focused on the physical, the tactile, and the three dimensional. A welcome homecoming to perceiving the spacious world of energy and spirit."


Caroline Pfohl
Meditating With The Body

"Wendy has a unique wealth of information and has taught me ways of moving and taking care of my body that no other trainer has taught me before."


Lori Hayne
Alta Physical Therapy

"I have been referring my clients to Wendy for 12 years now for personal training and bodywork. I trust her to provide quality care for affective pain relief and increased performance.  Wendy has a great ability to meet her clients where they are functionally so not to flare them up."