Wendy Woods - The Back Story

Wendy Woods - The Back Story

My mission is to help you stay active based on your needs, for a lifetime.  I started teaching yoga in Canada back in 1999.  Later I moved to Boulder, CO and started my personal training and bodywork practice.  I love to learn about how we can stay active and feeling good lifetime. 

I took the fork in the road.

In grade school, I was the jock, the track star.  I new exercise was powerful and could change the quality of life and wanted to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I passed up college scholarships and an invitation to the junior olympics in Barcelona, to take the other fork in the road and at 17yrs. began a healing journey.

I found myself trying everything, all types of movement and healing practices. African dance gave me freedom and delight that I had never had in my 10 yrs. of formal dance and ballet training.  Yoga,Tai Chi and martial arts slowed me down and focused my mind giving me the foundation for relaxation. Being on the Ashram was like spiritual bootcamp. I sat in meditation for hours, practicing and teaching yoga, sang devotional chants and cooked for 30 people. It was the beginning of my healing and stoked the fires that lead me to Naropa University, a Buddhist liberal arts college in Boulder, CO. Who knew there was a college that you could learn how mind body exercises facilitated physical and mental-emotional health? 

When I became a personal trainer, I put it all together.  Today, I practice and teach my clients to cultivate balanced activity.  Teaching good and appropriate strength practices as well as vital rest and recovery practices.  Keeping the body connected to the mind.

I teach others how to correct body imbalances that lead to pain and injury. Teaching you movements and modifications in activities that are doable and supportive. 

When we are younger we don’t notice it, when we are middle-aged we ignore it, when we are older we can’t deny it. The ‘It’ is PAIN. 

Pain is the great communicator and awakener.  Your body is demanding you to pay attention and take thoughtful actions to change the pain.  The good news is you can!

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